25 American Cat-Friendly Cities

Most Friendly Cat Cities NYC

Most Friendly Cat CitiesAmericans are known to move a lot. So why not base a move on the 25 American cat-friendly cities? Two hundred and fifty cities were reviewed nationwide. Reviewers looked at feline specific services, available and affordable clinics, shelters, animal hospitals and homes with cat friendly features such as outdoor patios, high ceilings and extra bathroom storage for cat litter boxes.


Most Friendly Cat Cities NYC 25 American Cat-Friendly Cities


Topping the list was Corvallis, Oregon, where access to veterinary care, cat friendly housing features and low risk of outdoor environmental dangers were prevalent.


Most Friendly Cat Cities Corvallis 25 American Cat-Friendly Cities


The following is a list of the 25 American Cat-Friendly Cities in the United States.

1) Corvallis, OR

2) Spokane, WA

3) Orlando, FL

4) Bellingham, WA

5) Tulsa, OK

6) Raleigh, NC

7) New York, NY

8) Dayton, OH

9) Clarksville, TN

10) San Antonio, TX

11) Albuquerque, NM

12) Eugene, OR

13) Boston, MA

14) Allentown, PA

15) Dover, DE

16) Columbus, OH

17) Boise, ID

18) Louisville, KY

19) Tacoma, WA

20) Lincoln, NE

21) Portland, OR

22) Minneapolis, MN

23) Knoxville, TN

24) Santa Rosa, CA

25) Oakland, CA


No longer are people just considering whether there are good schools in the area for their children. Now pets are being considered as they become a more important part of the family unit.

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