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The mission of The Great Cat Store is to offer excellent products for cats and sophisticated cat themed products for discerning cat lovers. The Great Cat Store grew naturally out of the subject matter presented on the website The Great Cat, which is primarily an educational site where cat lovers can learn about the cat in art, history and literature.  

Every product presented by The Great Cat Store is the result of careful research. The Great Cat Store partners with only the best print and poster reproduction specialists, and all cat products are personally chosen by the owner.  Products meet the highest standards for superior design, quality, and value.

Through its weekly posts and emails, The Great Cat has gained a wide following of website subscribers as well as followers on social media. The website was begun in 2012 as a venue to post excerpts of the author’s book Revered and Reviled: A Complete History of the Domestic Cat, and has now grown to include many other aspects of cat history, art and literature as primarily an educational website for cat lovers.

Visiting The Great Cat Store should prove to be enjoyable for art lovers as well as for those discerning cat owners looking for a gift for their beloved feline or for a cat themed gift for themselves.  






Neechia, The Great Cat StoreNeechia is our office manager. She keeps most of the staff awake and working.  But she, of course, takes time out for snacks. 



















Sphinx is part of our senior       

management. He’s been with us forSphinx, The Great Cat Store

17.5 years now. 

























Socrates, The Great Cat StoreSocrates is part of our junior staff. 





















And Tibby is our quality assurance inspector.


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Cats are in need all over the world, and The Great Cat participates in helping local rescue organizations as well as feeding strays and finding feral cats forever homes. Unfortunately, in Oman (a country near Dubai) there are no official shelters and the local people tend not to care about street cats. It is left up to a few volunteers to look after these desperate cats and dogs.  If you would like to get involved or support Omani Paws Rescue, visit their Facebook page and join. You can also donate by visiting their Go Fund Me Page.


Other cats that have been rescued and have been placed in forever homes. 


Charity at The Great Cat Store


Charity at The Great Cat Store



Charity at The Great Cat Store