Can Cats See Spirits?

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Have you ever had the feeling that your cat was looking at something you could not see? Well, you might be right. A new study states that cats can now in fact see UV light unlike humans. UV light is blocked out from the retina in humans, but cats are able to see the visible light from red to violet, so states a new study from the City University London.

Cats’ eyes have been a source of fear and amazement throughout history. Their tapetum lucidum increases the quantity of light passing through their retinas. This increases the sensitivity of vision by 44%, allowing the cat to see light that is imperceptible to human eyes.  Have you ever seen light reflected in your cat’s eyes? They do actually glow!




Cats have always been seen as mystical magical creatures and now there might be some factual evidence to support it.

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Has your cat seen a ghost? Look for these signs.

      1.  Staring at nothing for a long period of time.

      2.  Eyes follow movements in erratic patterns.

      3.  Meowing, hissing and growling at normal things around the house.

      4.  Suddenly startle for no apparent reason and display a fluffed tail and arched back.


spirit cat at The Great Cat Store






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