Canterbury Cathedral Cat Delivers Joy to Parishioners

Canterbury Cathedral, like most places, has been affected by the lockdown, which means that the cathedral is closed to worshippers during the corona virus pandemic. Hence services have been moved to online live streaming.

The Dean, Dr. Robert Willis, while delivering his live streaming sermons has been visited at least twice by mischievous cathedral cats. The first incident happened in May when Leo, one of the four cathedral cats, disappeared under the Dean’s robes. The Dean unfazed by the feline’s behavior, continued with his sermon.  Leo, a black cat, is considered the comedian of the four cathedral cats.

In July, Tiger, another of the cathedral’s cats, showed up and started lapping up milk on the Dean’s side table. “We’ve acquired a friend this morning,” the Dean says as Tiger helps himself to milk with his paw.


Tiger is a 13 year old tabby and is considered the most friendly of all the cats. Even though normally shy, he loves to be cuddled, and evidently loves to eat.


Canterbury CAthedral cat
Tiger, Photo Credit: Canterbury Cathedral


Photo Credit: Canterbury Cathedral





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