FRANCESCO BACHIACCA (1494-1557, Italian)

Francesco Bachiacca was a Florentine artist born into a family of painters. Bachiacca started his career as an apprentice to Perugino’s Florentine studio. His first work was the decoration and painting of chests, furnishings and actual rooms. Later he started painting small cabinet pictures and then large altarpieces, such as the Beheading of St. John the Baptist.  Bachiacca became a court artist for the Duke Cosimo de Medici in 1540. Through that position he was able to meet and work with the most prominent artists of the time. His first commission for the Duke was to paint the ceiling of his private study.

Bachiacca was able to incorporate exotic attire, motifs and figures from German and Netherlandish prints into his own unique works. His paintings of women and cats are seductive and reflective of their historic relationship. Bachiacca’s style in these works was very popular in the Italian court.