JULIUS ADAM, II   (1852-1913, German)

Julius Adam was born into a family of artists in Munich in 1852.  His father was a photographer and Julius worked under his tutelage as a retoucher of photographic images.  From 1866-1872, he worked in his father’s company in Rio de Janeiro before returning to Germany where he began to study with the professors Michael Echter (1812-1879) and Wilhelm Diez (1833-1897).  Adam studied painting with Diez for six years before turning to painting animals.  One of his older relations, Albrecht Adam was a successful painter of horses.  Following in his footsteps, Julius carved out a niche for himself painting cats.  Cat paintings were popular during the 19th century, and Julius Adam was able to make a satisfactory living. From his paintings we can see that Adam himself was a cat lover and had a talent for capturing them in action. View our selection of Julius Adam cat art prints and posters here and on our product pages.