ULISSE ALDROVANDI (1522-1605, Italian)


Ulisse Aldrovandi is known as the father of natural history and was one of the founders of Bologna’s botanical garden. Aldrovandi studied at the University of Bologna in Padua obtaining a degree in both medicine and philosophy in 1533. Thereafter, he became a professor and taught natural sciences.  became a friend of the powerful Medicis who supported his studies.

In 1549, he was arrested for heresy because of his support of the Anabaptist Camillo Renato. While in custody, Aldrovandi became interested in botany, zoology and geology. After he was released, he made many trips to the Italian countryside to collect and catalogue plants.  He collected 7,000 specimens and commissioned different artists to make illustrations of them in the Monstrorum Historia which is considered one of the most complete descriptions of flora and fauna for the time.

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