WILLIAM LUKER, JR. (1867-1951, British)

William Luker, Jr., was a Victorian painter, the eldest of six children. His father was a landscape painter and William followed in his footsteps. His greatest success was painting the adored animals of his patrons, capturing their unique personalities and charm. Not only did Luker paint cats, but he also painted other animals such as horses. In 1897, he painted the famous racehorse Florizel II who was owned by Edward, Prince of Wales, Queen Victoria’s eldest son. Luker used oil on canvas as well as watercolors and even created fine pen and ink drawings. He illustrated many books, including The Book of the Cat by Frances Simpson. From 1895-1945, he exhibited at the Royal Society of British Artists.  His original works reside with the Royal Collection Trust, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Auckland Art Gallery.