Cat Owners Can Read their Cat(s) Facial Expressions

angry cat at The Great Cat Store

Happy cat at The Great Cat StoreA recent study states what cat owners have known all along, and that is that cats make faces. If you have lived with a cat for any amount of time, you will have seen several basic facial expressions such as happiness, attack mode and even anger. Of course cats make faces because they are emotional animals.

Now this knowledge is being backed up by new research from the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

To determine whether people can identify feline emotions from cats’ faces, participants each viewed 20 video clips of cats. And of course women were much more accurate on discerning facial expressions.

angry cat at The Great Cat Store

This data is surprising to those who don’t believe that cats can bond with their owners to such an extent that their facial expressions and emotional state can be understood.   However, cat owners have been aware of this for some time.

stalking cat



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