What Kind of Personality Does Your Cat Have?

cat behavior at The Great Cat Store

Have you ever wondered what kind of cat personality your cat has? Well, if you have, you are not the only one. Professor Hannes Lohi recently conducted a study on cat personality and behavior by contacting the owners of 138 cats and asking them varying questions. From those questions, Lohi was able to discern seven […]

Is Your Cat Really Into You?

Is Your Cat Really Into You at The Great Cat Store

There’s no doubt about the fact that most people think cats are stuck up, self-adoring, selfish beasts, but I refute these, dare I say, prejudiced  ideas.  The secret here is to let your cat know that YOU love him or her, and once that is resolved you will be showered with unconditional love.  No I’m […]

What Kind of Tabby Cat Do You Have?

spotted tabby cat at The Great Cat Store

To the non-cat aficionado all cats may look the same. But to those with more affinity towards cats and a keen eye for detail, tabby cats have five different coat patterns. Even though their coat patterns vary, all tabbies have the distinctive ‘M’ on their foreheads. Throughout history this has been attributed as a symbol […]

15 Most Popular Cat Breeds

Russian Blue Cat at The Great Cat Store

The 15 most popular cat breeds may be surprising to some, but not all. This survey conducted on social media asked people to vote for their favorite breed. Perhaps not the most reliable indicator of favorites, this survey still gives us an idea of what cats people really like. NUMBER 1 – BENGAL   NUMBER 2 […]

Lexi’s Amazing Adventure


Lexi’s amazing adventure started when she went missing from the McMillan family camping trip in the Thielsen Forest near Diamond Lake, Oregon last August. Lexi escaped from their camper while her owners were distracted trying to navigate their tailer out of a campsite. After the family had travelled a few miles down the road, they […]

Patches the Cat Presumed Dead Appears 3 Years Later after California Mudslides

Patches the cat

You might not remember the mudslides that devastated and claimed 23 lives in Santa Barbara in January 2018. However, out of that very sad story is one of joy. Patches, a calico cat, belonging to Josie Gower, who died in the mudslides, was thought to have perished too; however, Patches was found this last December […]

Is Your Cat Destroying Houseplants?

cat destroying houseplants

A cat destroying houseplants is a huge problem for many people who love plants but love their cats too. Some people have even given up their plants because of their cats destroying them. Cats have a tendency to dig up the plant dirt and eat leaves. But who can blame them? They are curious by […]

How to Keep your Cat Warm in Winter

how to keep your cat warm in winter

Even though cats are originally desert animals and prefer temperatures that can range up to 120 F, depending upon the breed, they can also endure temperatures that are quite cold. However, once the temperature goes below freezing, they can develop frostbite and even hypothermia. As a general rule, to keep your cat warm in winter, […]

How to Survive Christmas with a Cat

How to survive Christmas with a Cat

The number one issue with cat owners during the holiday season is trying to put up a Christmas tree with a cat in the house. Once a cat spots a tree, he’s bound to think that that’s his Christmas present. After all cats just gravitate to trees. They are climbers after all. However, there are […]