Couple Credits Hungry Cat for $1.2 million Lottery Jackpot

A British couple said they have their hungry 6 year old  cat Shortcake to thank for their winning a $1.2 million jackpot from a scratch-off lottery ticket. Andrew and Paula Hancock of Mansfield, England, said Andrew had to run out to an Esso gas station  on July 24 because they had forgotten to pick up food […]

Why Does Your Cat Eat Grass?

Why Does Your Cat Eat Grass?

Ever wondered why your cat eats grass?  Researchers now think they know why. A survey of 1,021 cat owners found that 71 percent of cats snacked on plants at least six times during their life and 61 percent at least 10 times. Only 11 percent of cats were never seen eating grass or greenery. Even […]

Hope for those who Suffer from Cat Allergies

Hope for those who Suffer from Cat Allergies

There might finally be hope for people who love cats but cannot have them because of allergies. A new study that is going to be published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology says that scientists in Switzerland have developed a vaccine that can be given to cats that will stop them from producing […]

Top 5 Best Litter Box Solutions for your Kitty

Top 5 Litter Box Solutions

Taking care of litter box(s) can most certainly be a chore. Scooping and disposing of litter is definitely not the most enjoyable pass time. Add washing the boxes and cleaning up tracking throughout your house, and it can become quite a time consuming and often times daunting endeavor. However, there are solutions available that can […]

10 Most Popular Cat Products July 2019

bergen cat toy

Does your kitty need a new scratcher, toy, or fountain? Do you need a solution to urine problems and too much cat hair? Then it’s always time to buy new pet supplies. With this list of the top ten most popular cat products, you’ll be guided to make the purrfect choice.    1.  Grooming Glove […]

25 American Cat-Friendly Cities

Most Friendly Cat Cities NYC

Americans are known to move a lot. So why not base a move on the 25 American cat-friendly cities? Two hundred and fifty cities were reviewed nationwide. Reviewers looked at feline specific services, available and affordable clinics, shelters, animal hospitals and homes with cat friendly features such as outdoor patios, high ceilings and extra bathroom […]

Paul Santell the Cat Guy of New York City

Paul Santell with Kitten

Even though Paul Santell is called “Paul the Cat Guy” he is in reality the cat hero of New York City. Santell started trapping and neutering stray cats in the city about 5 years ago when he came across a stray cat and fed him a can of food. Of course more cats came, and […]

6 Great Kitchen Accessories for Cat Lovers

Cat Trivet - Black Cast Iron
These 6 Great Kitchen Accessories for Cat Lovers are an excellent way to incorporate kitties into your kitchen decor. Cat themed items such as cookie cutters, measuring spoons and cups, trivets, oven mitts, and sink strainers will truly proclaim your love of cats.  These highly functional unique cat products can also make great gifts for [...]