Want to Know about Your Cat’s Genetic History?

cat history chart

It’s now possible to learn about your cat’s genetic history with a new kit from Basepaws. This kit allows you to trace your cat’s genetic history and screen for common feline diseases and provides you with a 35 page report available in 4-6 weeks. Plus,  it’s really easy to do. Just swab your cat’s cheek […]

Is Your Cat Destroying Houseplants?

cat destroying houseplants

A cat destroying houseplants is a huge problem for many people who love plants but love their cats too. Some people have even given up their plants because of their cats destroying them. Cats have a tendency to dig up the plant dirt and eat leaves. But who can blame them? They are curious by […]

How to Keep your Cat Warm in Winter

how to keep your cat warm in winter

Even though cats are originally desert animals and prefer temperatures that can range up to 120 F, depending upon the breed, they can also endure temperatures that are quite cold. However, once the temperature goes below freezing, they can develop frostbite and even hypothermia. As a general rule, to keep your cat warm in winter, […]

Does Your Cat Have Dandruff?

cat dandruff

As every cat loving owner knows, cats are meticulous about their grooming. However, sometimes cats develop dandruff due to an inability to groom themselves properly or from a variety of reasons such as, overweight, low humidity, sitting on heat radiators, soap residues, vitamin deficiency, hormones, allergies, fleas, ticks, mites, bacterial or fungal infections, malnutrition, or […]

How Do You Know If Your Cat Has Arthritis?

Cats are masters at hiding pain. Unfortunately, this can lead to many problems when diagnoses are not made in a timely manner. Just like humans, cats can suffer from arthritis.  However, it is up to cat owners to note and understand any changes, no matter how slight, in their cats’ behavior. You need to be […]

Can your Cat Get Coronavirus?

The pandemic Coronavirus or COVID-19 has the world in a grip of chaotic fear. With worries of getting the virus yourself, cat lovers are undoubtedly concerned about their pets too. Let’s look at the number one questions. Can my cat give me COVID-19? There is no evidence to date that supports this according to the […]

Why Do Cats Scratch?

cats scratch

If you have a cat, most likely it will scratch. Scratching is a natural cat behavior, so if you want a cat, you’ll have to accept it.  Cats in the wild will scratch trees in order to mark their territory and to sharpen their claws. Likewise, in the house, cats will scratch to mark territory […]

Should You Build Your Cat a Catio?

Cat patios or ‘catios’ are sometimes a needed outlet for indoor cats.  Feline owners can allow their cats outdoors while keeping them safe.  Easily constructed by a competent carpenter, these ‘catios’ are sometimes quite elaborate and feature perches, ramps, climbing posts and napping areas. Some cost upwards of $1,000.00, but owners are willing to pay […]

How to Reduce Litter Box Odors

stinky cat box

Are you fed up with annoying litter box odors? Are you tired of guests saying your house smells? Then you definitely need a quick solution. First, make sure that you have a litter box for each of your cats if you have a multi-cat household. Next, clean the boxes regularly.  Try to put the boxes […]

Why Does Your Cat Eat Grass?

Why Does Your Cat Eat Grass?

Ever wondered why your cat eats grass?  Researchers now think they know why. A survey of 1,021 cat owners found that 71 percent of cats snacked on plants at least six times during their life and 61 percent at least 10 times. Only 11 percent of cats were never seen eating grass or greenery. Even […]