New App Allows you to Communicate with your Cat

communicate with your cat

Javier Sanchez, a former Amazon engineer, has developed an app that allows you to translate your cat’s meow into words. A prototype of the app, MeowTalk, is now available on Apple.     Sanchez and his team concluded that cats have about nine basic reasons for meowing at you, such as I’m hungry, I’m in […]

KLM Refuses to Fly Pets Through Schiphol Airport until March 27, 2021

KLM pet travel

  KLM is making pet owners’ lives more difficult across the world. KLM has been very quiet about its new policy of refusing to book animals as excess baggage (in the hold) on flights that transit through Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. Oddly enough, if you fly to Amsterdam and then get off the flight and spend […]

How Cats Communicate with US

how cats communicate with us

If there has ever been any doubt in your mind that cats are able to communicate with us and we with them, then you will be interested to know that there have actually been studies to confirm that this is true. A new study on how cats communicate with us has been done.  Recently psychologists […]

What Type of Cat Owner are You?

A recent study by the University of Exeter, UK has found that there are 5 types of cat owners. The study “Cats, Cat Owners and Wildlife” focuses on cat owners’ attitudes to their cats roaming and hunting. The study included 56 cat owners, some from rural parts of the UK (mostly in south-west England) and […]

Why You’re a Cat Person

As everyone probably knows by now, cat people are different from dog people. The eternal question which is still being asked today is what makes cat and dog people different. Here are six personality traits that will prove why you’re a cat person.   By now you know very well whether you are a dog […]

Canterbury Cathedral Cat Delivers Joy to Parishioners

Canterbury Cathedral, like most places, has been affected by the lockdown, which means that the cathedral is closed to worshippers during the corona virus pandemic. Hence services have been moved to online live streaming. The Dean, Dr. Robert Willis, while delivering his live streaming sermons has been visited at least twice by mischievous cathedral cats. […]

Devout Church Cat Greets Parishioners for Twenty Years

devout cat

Devout church cat Jerry has been greeting parishioners and attending services at St. Mary’s Church, Langham, UK for almost 20 years. In appreciation of his so doing, the church has granted Jerry the honorary title of “Church Cat”. Church warden Stephen Garner said that Jerry “…must be near to 20-years-old and was only about two […]

Rubble, the World’s Oldest Cat Dies at 31

Credit: SWNS South West News Service   Rest in piece Rubble who was a Maine Coon Cat owned by Michele Heritage who lives in Devon, UK. After Rubbles’ 31st birthday last May, he became the oldest living cat in the world at 150 equivalent human years. Heritage got him as a kitten just before her […]

10 Ways to Find a Lost Cat

When discussing whether or not to keep a cat exclusively indoors versus letting a cat roam freely, people usually find themselves firmly divided on the issue. Those that keep their cats indoors believe that is the best way to protect their cats, especially if surrounded by a hostile environment. However, those that believe in letting […]

Why You Should Have a Cat During COVID-19

Reasons you should have a cat during lock down

In these times of quarantines and social distancing, it might be hard to be alone. One way to alleviate these feelings of loneliness is to take advantage of the companionship of a cat. Research shows that emotional hardship, anxiety and depression can be reduced if you own a pet. Pet owners are emotionally better off […]