Devout Church Cat Greets Parishioners for Twenty Years

devout cat

Devout church cat Jerry has been greeting parishioners and attending services at St. Mary’s Church, Langham, UK for almost 20 years. In appreciation of his so doing, the church has granted Jerry the honorary title of “Church Cat”.

Church warden Stephen Garner said that Jerry “…must be near to 20-years-old and was only about two when he adopted the church as his second home.” Garner has observed that Jerry is always the first to arrive for services.

devout church cat
Jerry, Photo Source: The Gazette UK

“You would be the first one to turn up on a Sunday morning and you would hear a little cat chirrup noise, he would come through the five-bar gate – presumably coming from the stables – and meet you at the church,” he said.

Garner also stated that “He will accompany people into the church as he always fancies a look around.” Garner added that “…he would attend services, either sitting beside someone or on a lap.”

And when Jerry the devout church cat gets bored with the sermon, he goes to the door and howls to be let out.

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