Get a Cat, Get Lucky!

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Not all beliefs about cats are bad. Folklore also presents us with a lot of good stories of cats. Many may be familiar with all the scary superstitions about cats such as the unfounded fear of black cats; however, the beliefs that cats are actually lucky charms need to be mentioned.  If you don’t have a cat already, get a cat, get lucky!

-Ancient Egyptians believed that cats protected them from evil.  The cat goddess Bastet was the mother goddess and protected homes. 

bastet mother goddess


-Europeans thought that cats brought forth a good harvest.


-Sailors believed that cats, especially black ones, brought luck to the ship. In fact British ships kept cats on board up until 1975.


Ships Cats


-Russians believed that putting a cat in a baby’s cradle would ward off evil spirits.


cat in cradle with baby


-The Chinese believed by looking into a cat’s eye they could tell the time.


-The Romans thought that the changing of a cat’s eye had a connection with the changing phases of the moon. In contrast, the Ancient Egyptians thought the cat’s eye mirrored the rays of the sun and protected man from darkness.


cats eyes


-In Britain the black cat is still considered lucky. If one walks in front of a bride and groom, it is considered good luck for the marriage.


-The word for cat in Chinese, ‘Mao’, means 80 years and is an indication that cats bring long life.


-The Japanese belief the beckoning cat to be a symbol of good luck. Tortoiseshell cats, known as ‘Me-kay’, accompany sailors on ships for good luck and safe travels.


get a cat, get lucky



-An Italian legend states that a cat gave birth at the same time as Mary gave birth to Christ. The cat then became a symbol of purity.


cat in manger , get a cat, get lucky

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