Why Does Your Cat Eat Grass?

Why Does Your Cat Eat Grass?Ever wondered why your cat eats grass?  Researchers now think they know why. A survey of 1,021 cat owners found that 71 percent of cats snacked on plants at least six times during their life and 61 percent at least 10 times. Only 11 percent of cats were never seen eating grass or greenery.

Even though most cat owners expect their cats to vomit after ingesting grass, only 21 percent actually do so. The idea that cats eat grass because they have some sort of stomach upset is now unfounded. Instead, it is believed that cats eat grass to activate muscle activity in their digestive tracts to force parasites from their guts.

Why Does Your Cat Eat Grass?


In conclusion, seeing your cat eat grass is not an indication that he or she is sick. In fact, it’s an instinctual behavior that should be understood and accepted. Researchers suggest that you keep a healthy amount of cat grass available for your indoor kitty to munch on when needed and don’t be alarmed when your kitty vomits it back up.

Why Does Your Cat Eat Grass?


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