How to Cat Proof your Electronic Devices

how to cat proof your electronic devices

If you want to protect your electronic devices and the safety of your cat, here are some suggestions.

1.Cats sometimes chew on electric wires, so it’s best to use zip-ties, sleeves and duct tape to manage them as neatly as possible. Cable sleeves will cover your cables and keep them organized as well.

how to cat proof your electronic devices


2.  Cat fur is a constant problem and even more so when you have electronic devices. Try to keep your monitor, mouse and speakers fur-free by simply wiping them regularly with a dry cloth. Keep your key board covered when not in use. Your CPU should be checked for any dust and fur accumulation on the mesh and dust filters near the air intakes. An accumulation of fur causes a cooling failure that is harmful to your CPU.

3.  Protect your smartphones and tablets by keeping them safe. Invest in a screen protector as well as a durable case. Phones and tablets may be dropped from tables. You know how cats LOVE to bat things off high places. Also consider getting some inexpensive dust plugs to cover your phone/tablet’s open ports.

how to cat proof your electronic devices

4.  Keep your smart TV safe by wall mounting. If that’s not a possibility, invest in a sturdy table that is high enough to protect your TV. You can use transparent tape or double-sided tape to fasten the TV legs to the surface.

5.  To protect your laptop, get a foam sleeve. Be sure to keep liquids away if your cat is near. You can also cover your key board with a plastic cover to keep fur and dust away. Always charge your laptop close to the power source. Don’t leave a long wire that your cat could trip over.

how to cat proof your electronic devices


6.  Make sure you keep your earbuds, headphones and other accessories in a safe place that your cat cannot get to. This will protect the accessories and your cat, as sometimes small parts can be swallowed.


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