How to Save your Furniture from your Cat

save your furniture from your cat

Cat owners are always faced with the challenge of being able to keep their cats from scratching furniture. In fact, some may not want to own a cat because of this negative aspect. But good news is here. There are some ways to prevent this natural cat behavior of scratching without resorting to the dreaded and cruel declawing.


1. Give your kitty a scratching post.

Scratching is a natural activity for felines. They scratch to mark their territory, to shed loose nail husks and to stretch their muscles. One of the best scratchers is the Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower available from Amazon. Make sure your choice is sturdy and tall enough for your cat to really get its claws into it.


cat scratching post


2. Make scratching areas less attractive.

If you notice that your cat is attracted to a certain piece of furniture or a particular part of it, you can curb its enthusiasm for destruction by using air fresheners. Simply spray the air freshener on the part of the furniture that your cat is scratching, and this may detour further unwanted behavior. Cats have sensitive noses and aren’t usually fond of strange fragrances. Before you spray with an enzymatic pet odor eliminator, it’s best to clean the scratched areas thoroughly to remove any pheromones your cat might have left.

If the fresheners don’t work, you can cover the areas with removable double sided tape.

3. Give your cat a lot of exercise.

Cats need exercise. Playing with your cat is the best solution to unwanted behaviors. Giving your cat plenty of cat toys will help divert its attention and use that bottled up energy.

Cat Toys, The Great Cat Store (2)

4. Protect your furniture with scratch guards.

Cats just love armrests on couches and chairs. If you know the exact area that your cat loves to scratch, then you can purchase transparent furniture scratch guards.

cat scratch protector

5. Make sure your kitty’s claws are regularly trimmed.

To avoid major damage to your furniture, make sure you trim your cat’s nails. It won’t stop your cat from scratching, but will prevent major damage. If you are unsure about doing this, you can always have a vet do it. If you have a kitten, get it used to having its feet held, so that you will be able to cut the claws easily in the future.



6. Use cat nail caps.

If nothing else works, then use cat nail caps which can last up to 6 weeks. However, never use these on cats that go outdoors.


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