Is Your Cat Really Into You?

Is Your Cat Really Into You at The Great Cat Store

There’s no doubt about the fact that most people think cats are stuck up, self-adoring, selfish beasts, but I refute these, dare I say, prejudiced  ideas.  The secret here is to let your cat know that YOU love him or her, and once that is resolved you will be showered with unconditional love.  No I’m not lying.  This list of 15 ways you can tell if your cat is really into you comes from my own experience, I swear it!  

Is your cat really into you at The Great Cat Store 


  1. Rests his/her chin on your arm.


  1. Wants to sit in your lap all the time.


  1. Is jealous of your iPhone.


  1. Follows you from room to room (no food or treats involved).


  1. Gives you the look of love.


  1. Cares more about attention than food.


  1. Waits for you at the door when you are gone.


  1. Sits next to you all the time.


  1. Sleeps with you.


  1. Gives you head bumps.


  1. Exfoliates your face.


  1. Chases other cats in the house away from you.


  1. Makes cute little chirping noises when he/she sees you.


  1. Rubs noses with you.


  1. When you cry, licks your tears.


Is your cat really into you at The Great Cat Store


Ok, believe me now?  I know the dog people who just might happen to read this might be moved an inch.  The secret:  Stop equating control with love!



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