KLM Refuses to Fly Pets Through Schiphol Airport until March 27, 2021

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KLM Pet policy


KLM is making pet owners’ lives more difficult across the world. KLM has been very quiet about its new policy of refusing to book animals as excess baggage (in the hold) on flights that transit through Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. Oddly enough, if you fly to Amsterdam and then get off the flight and spend the night, you can get on another flight the next day and continue on your way with your pet. This is not only highly stressful on both pet owners and their animals because of the increased travel time, but it’s an added cost. Not to mention added blood tests that are required by the EU and not by the US.

This is the vaguely worded pet policy on KLM’s website. After consulting a travel agent, it was confirmed that no pets traveling in the hold would be allowed to transit through Schiphol Airport without staying overnight.

Travelling with pets 

Are you flying with KLM and transferring at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol? You’re still allowed to take your pet with you in the cabin. Sadly, it’s not possible to bring your pet in the hold until 31 October 2020. It would really help us if you make the reservation for your pet close to your departure date, but at least 48 hours before departure, so that our Customer Contact Centre can focus on bringing people home.

Do you have an existing booking with a reservation to bring your pet in the hold, and do you have a transfer at Schiphol Airport? We’ll contact you as soon as possible.

If Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is your departure airport or your final destination, you’re still allowed to bring your pet in the hold. The regular requirements apply.

Up and until 27 March 2021, it’s not possible to bring pets in the cabin or in the hold on flights to China.

KLM pet travel policy

KLM only allows one pet in the cabin and only if traveling economy. So, if you are travelling business or have two pets, just forget it. No one wants to make “Sophie’s Choice”. Many people across the world rely on KLM to get their pets out of Middle Eastern and African countries because many airlines in these locations do not welcome pets on board at all.

Why is KLM doing this? We do not know. But it’s sure that many travelers will never forget KLM’s letting them down in this time of coronavirus. Some may never fly the airline again.




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