Paul Santell the Cat Guy of New York City

Paul Santell with Kitten

Paul Santell the Cat Guy of New York CityEven though Paul Santell is called “Paul the Cat Guy” he is in reality the cat hero of New York City. Santell started trapping and neutering stray cats in the city about 5 years ago when he came across a stray cat and fed him a can of food. Of course more cats came, and Santell knew he had his work cut out for him. In fact, this was a life changing occurrence.  All he knew is that he wanted to do more for these cats, so he enrolled in a TNR program run by the ASPCA’s offices in Manhattan. “When I moved to Queens, I didn’t realize there were so many cats,” Santell said. “I knew nothing about animal rescue.”

At the ASPCA he was given some traps. Santell now spends about 30 hours a week feeding, trapping and rescuing needy feral and stray cats around the city. This he does in addition to working a full time job.  He believes he has helped about 2,00 0 cats so far.

feral cats NYC


“My nightly rounds of feedings are usually after midnight, and I trap any newcomers to my colonies during these late hours,”  Santell said. “On weekends I try to check out new colonies at the request of other people in the community and see if I can help them. I rescue kittens as often as I can to get them off the street and adopted into forever homes. I work full-time and basically rescue full-time as well.” 

Paul Santell feeding kittensSantell has  Instagram and Facebook  pages so people can contact him whenever they come across a cat in need. 

“It would be a dream to do cat rescue and TNR as my primary, full-time job,” Santell said. “I have truly found my passion in life.” 

If you’d like to help Paul the Cat Guy, you can check out his Amazon wish list.

Paul Santell with Kitten



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