Purrfectly Fascinating Cat Facts

Just for fun here are some interesting and purrfectly fascinating cat facts that you may not have been aware of about your kitty. Enjoy!


Cats are crepuscular, not nocturnal.

Purrfectly Fascinating Cat Facts

Cats are most active at dawn and dusk, thus they are crepuscular, not nocturnal. This is their hunting time, and a great time to play with your kitty.


Your kitty’s vision is better than yours.

Purrfectly Fascinating Cat Facts

Cats’ peripheral vision is 20 percent better than humans.  This makes up for the fact that they cannot see very well at great distances.  However, they don’t need to because they need to concentrate on a hunting range of just 20 feet. Cats night vision is better than humans too. They can hunt at night with the same accuracy as they do during the day.


Cats are great actors.

cat actor

Masters of hunting techniques, cats have also developed the skill of mimicking chirruping or tweeting birds. That’s why cats make those strange noises when they see a bird. This allows them to lure the birds closer while hiding so they can pounce.


Cats can make over 100 different sounds.

Cats can make over 100 different vocalizations ranging from a growl and hiss to meowing and yowling.


Cats have distinct sounds for their owners.

Cats develop a complete repertoire of sounds especially for their owners.  Owners who are more likely to talk to their cats will have vocal cats.


Cats have way fewer taste buds than humans.

Cats only have 470 taste buds which is a huge difference when compared to humans who have 10,000. Cats don’t have many taste buds because their diet was never meant to be varied. Cats are obligate carnivores whereas plant eaters have to have more taste buds to differentiate between toxic and beneficial plants.


Cats have great ear movement.


They are able to rotate their ears 180 degrees with the help of 32 muscles. This ability helps them hunt prey.


Their whiskers are important.

cat whiskers

Cats’ whiskers are located on both of their cheeks but on other places you’d never guess. Whiskers are also on their upper lip, chin, above their eyes, on the back of their legs and even on their backs. Whiskers help cats see through touch and the vibration of air.


Cats have four different types of hair.

Purrfectly Fascinating Cat Facts


Cats have four types of hair, including down, awn, guard, and vibrissae hairs. Guard hair is the outer layer and down hair is the super-soft, super-short undercoat.


There’s a reason why felines walk so quietly.

cat facts


Being the hunters they are, they are able to walk quietly to stalk prey. Cats actually walk on their tiptoes and are digitigrade. This also provides them with mini shock absorbers for jumping down from great heights.


Cats sweat through their paw pads.

Purrfectly Fascinating Cat Facts


If a cat actually becomes overheated, sweat is produced in the paw pads.  Some cats do pant, but that’s because of over exertion.


Cats have a higher temperature than humans.

Purrfectly Fascinating Cat Facts


Cats are desert animals and so they run a higher temperature than humans. A cat’s normal temperature is between 100-102 degrees. Ever wonder why your cat seeks warm spots to sit?  This is to regulate body temperature.

Hope you enjoyed these fascinating cat facts. Of course there are many more, so stay tuned for our future posts. 

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