Is Your Cat Really Into You?

Is Your Cat Really Into You at The Great Cat Store

There’s no doubt about the fact that most people think cats are stuck up, self-adoring, selfish beasts, but I refute these, dare I say, prejudiced  ideas.  The secret here is to let your cat know that YOU love him or her, and once that is resolved you will be showered with unconditional love.  No I’m […]

How to Keep your Cat Warm in Winter

how to keep your cat warm in winter

Even though cats are originally desert animals and prefer temperatures that can range up to 120 F, depending upon the breed, they can also endure temperatures that are quite cold. However, once the temperature goes below freezing, they can develop frostbite and even hypothermia. As a general rule, to keep your cat warm in winter, […]

6 Ways to Get Your New Kitty Used to Your Home

cat behavior

When you bring a new cat into your home, you’ll have to realize that it will take some time for your kitty to get used to his new surroundings. Cats are attached to places and territory, so any move will be stressful. But here are six tips for getting your cat used to his new […]

5 Reasons Why Cats Love Boxes

cats love boxes

Any cat owner who has had an empty box lying around will notice that their feline will almost immediately gravitate toward it. Why? Well, there are several reasons for this strange and cute behavior. Here are 5 reasons why cats love boxes: 1. Cats are curious creatures and boxes offer a new place to investigate. […]

What Type of Cat Owner are You?

A recent study by the University of Exeter, UK has found that there are 5 types of cat owners. The study “Cats, Cat Owners and Wildlife” focuses on cat owners’ attitudes to their cats roaming and hunting. The study included 56 cat owners, some from rural parts of the UK (mostly in south-west England) and […]

10 Ways to Find a Lost Cat

When discussing whether or not to keep a cat exclusively indoors versus letting a cat roam freely, people usually find themselves firmly divided on the issue. Those that keep their cats indoors believe that is the best way to protect their cats, especially if surrounded by a hostile environment. However, those that believe in letting […]

Why Does Your Cat Wiggle Its Butt?

cat butt wiggle

Every cat owner has undoubtedly seen their cat hunch down and wiggle their butts before pouncing. Even though there has been no “formal” research on this cat behaviour, the cat twerk is an integral part of your cat’s hunting stance. It is thought that cats do this in order to press their hind limbs into […]