Therapy Cats

therapy cats

Cat lovers have known for a long time that their feline companions offer love and affection and are often able to heal depression and other illnesses. This is becoming more and more well known as therapy cats are enlisted to help children and adults overcome difficulties. Therapy cats regularly visit retirement homes, hospices and other human service care facilities. Therapy cats are also now used in various schools to inspire autistic children to read and to just make them feel better about themselves. These exceptional animals help relieve loneliness, depression, phobias and provide companionship.  Just petting a therapy cat can relieve stress and lower blood pressure as well as give a feeling of happiness.

therapy cats 1

Any cat can be a therapy cat if it has the right temperament, is friendly, patient, confident and gentle at all times. Calm and tolerant, these cats love being around people. Retired show cats seem to make the best therapy cats since they are used to a lot of noise, frequent handling and being around people.

How does a cat become a certified therapy pet? The two largest organizations that provide certification for pets as therapy workers are Pet Partners and Love on a Leash. If you think your kitty would make a great therapy cat, then contact these organizations to find out how.

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