Want to Know about Your Cat’s Genetic History?

cat history chart

It’s now possible to learn about your cat’s genetic history with a new kit from Basepaws. This kit allows you to trace your cat’s genetic history and screen for common feline diseases and provides you with a 35 page report available in 4-6 weeks. Plus,  it’s really easy to do. Just swab your cat’s cheek for 5 seconds and then send your sample off for analysis. 

Find out what kind of cat you have.

Each genetic sample is compared against the largest cat DNA database in the world, giving you insight into your cat’s breed. 

Does your cat have wildcat ancestry?

All cats have wild cat ancestry, but some have more than others. 

Find out more about your cat’s health. 

The Health Marker Report section of the basic Basepaws Cat DNA Report includes over 39 genetic mutations that correspond to more than 17 genetic conditions, including PKD, HCM, and retinal degeneration. Here you will be able to discover if your cat has tested positive for a genetic variant associated with any of the genetic diseases included in their database. This is especially helpful for adopted pets. 

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