Why Do Cats Scratch?

cats scratch

If you have a cat, most likely it will scratch. Scratching is a natural cat behavior, so if you want a cat, you’ll have to accept it.  Cats in the wild will scratch trees in order to mark their territory and to sharpen their claws. Likewise, in the house, cats will scratch to mark territory and to sharpen their claws, but unfortunately, they will choose your brand new couch or chair.

cat scratching tree


  1. Scratching keeps cats happy and healthy. Scratching allows cats to stretch their muscles and improves circulation to their toes and nail beds.
  1. Scratching is a form of communication between cats. Scratches leave a visual calling card and the scent from their claws remains as a warning to interlopers. Cats produce a pheromone between their toes that releases when they claw and scratch. Only cats can detect these scents.



The best way to cope with your cat scratching is to provide a place where your cat can scratch and claw. Look into purchasing a cat tree or a scratcher that will turn your cat’s attention away from your furniture. You can even cover your furniture if need be. However, never consider de-clawing your cat as this is inhumane and leads to behavioral issues.


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