Why You Should Have a Cat During COVID-19

Reasons you should have a cat during lock down

In these times of quarantines and social distancing, it might be hard to be alone. One way to alleviate these feelings of loneliness is to take advantage of the companionship of a cat.

Research shows that emotional hardship, anxiety and depression can be reduced if you own a pet. Pet owners are emotionally better off than their petless friends, research says.

Why You Should Have a Cat During COVID-19


The benefits of owning a cat are as follows:

  1. Lowers blood pressure and decreases respiration rate
  2. Lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  3. Higher levels of the neurotransmitter’s serotonin and dopamine which calm the brain (elevated during playtime with your cat).
  4. Heart attack survivors live longer if they own a pet than those without.
  5. Improves the ability to cope with pain
  6. Senior citizens who own pets make 30% fewer visits to their doctors.
  7. Pet care creates structure and routine to fill the day with purposeful activity.
  8. Feel less rejection and loneliness than non-pet owners


Why You Should Have a Cat During COVID-19

People just feel better when they have a pet because of the companionship they offer, the routine, connection, and affection. No wonder so many pets have found foster and permanent homes during the lock down. However, before you jump into pet ownership, make sure you do your research and realize that a pet will be your responsibility for life.





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