Why You’re a Cat Person

As everyone probably knows by now, cat people are different from dog people. The eternal question which is still being asked today is what makes cat and dog people different. Here are six personality traits that will prove why you’re a cat person.

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By now you know very well whether you are a dog or cat lover. If you have the following personality traits, then you are definitely a cat person.

  1. Introverted and maybe a bit neurotic. If you like to be indoors more than outdoors and are more reflective and quiet, and generally shun large social gatherings, you are definitely a cat person. The ability to be alone and happy fits right into the personality of felines.

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  1. Don’t like neediness or submissiveness. If you are not a control freak, then cats are for you. After all who can control a cat? Unlike dog owners, feline owners do not need to dominate and control their pets. Cat lovers appreciate and respect independence.
  2. More intelligent and inquisitive. Cat owners are more sensitive and open-minded and are more non-conformist. Cat lovers also score higher on intelligence tests. Are you surprised?


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      4. Value affection over companionship. Feline lovers prefer the affection of their pets over                constant companionship. Respect for independence and individuality is a must.

      5. More liberal than conservative. Again, cat people tend to be open to more new ideas, and            prefer NOT to be dominant and have pets that are submissive. Cat people tend to believe            there is an equality in living things rather than a hierarchy.

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        6. More feminine than masculine. Feline owners tend to be able to access their feminine                    side more than their masculine side. After all, felines have been associated with women                from ancient times.

Finally, if you can handle the snobbery, intelligence and independence of cats then you will love them. Winston Churchill summed it up when he said, “Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us.”



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